Treat your VIGP (Very Important ‘Grand’ Person)

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Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for your support on my grandactions blog , which shares details of dadima’s new campaign.  Remember, the aim of grandactions is to get as many of us as possible, to spend quality time with those ‘grand’ elders in our lives. The theme for this year is home-cooking. So, cook away with your ‘grand’ elder, then tell us all about it using #grandactions1 (because its the very first year of this campaign). There’s something in it for both parties- smiles on faces, knowledge shared, memories made.

I’ve got a few #grandactions in the pipeline. I’m really excited to tell you about one of them, as it involves a special collaboration with Elements Kitchens. Like dadima’s, the bespoke kitchen designers have a real family ethos, and have supported me as a local startup. I’m fortunate to have worked with them as part of specialist cookery events – from shooting my book cover photo, to food demos, and book launch events.

So what’s happening? 

Just before Grandparents’ Day, we are hosting an exclusive dinner experience to connect generations. There will be 10 guests: five ‘grand’ youngsters, and their VIGP – the very important ‘grand’ person in their life. The whole idea is that guests get to spend quality time together and bond over home-cooking, dadima’s style.

So, what’s in it for me?

  • The chance to treat that VIGP (Very Important Grand Person) and spend quality time with them. Yes, you can do that at home, but it’s nice to get glammed up, bond with like-minded people, and focus just on you two!
  • A delicious evening meal, cooked by you and your ‘grand’ elder – with some help from me!
  •  Free cookery class!  Mini work stations will be set up, along with simple dadima’s recipes, so that each pair can cook together, chat food stories, and have fun! I’ll be moving and guiding guests, and also doing a cookery demo.

Finally, I’m really keen that young guests have a chance to see ‘behind-the-scenes’ event planning, and get their thinking caps on to put a smile on the face of their ‘grand’ elder. This is why I’ll be arranging a little meeting before the event itself, to talk things through and get them involved. I’ll be asking the youngsters to do a little helpful snooping – like asking their ‘grand’ elder about their favourite songs, what life advice they can share with the group, and if they have a special photo!

I want to come! How do I apply?/ I know of someone who’d love this…

It’s easy. Just click on this link, answer some questions for us, and click submit!

We’ll notify you by e-mail if you’ve been selected.

Your VI(G)P evening:

We’d love to have done a bigger event but spaces are limited and subject to criteria. We’re funding this privately so that our lovely guests can enjoy the evening.

That doesn’t mean you can’t host your own VIGP evening at home, though! I’ll be sharing the journey on dadima’s social media, so you can get ideas of how to treat your ‘grand’ elder. Don’t forget to upload a photo using #grandactions1 so that you can inspire others. Alternatively, e-mail me on and I’ll share the photo for you (ask permission from a responsible elder if you’re under 16).

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