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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – there’s lots of love on dadima’s page!

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” (Moulin Rouge).  

I hope you’ve enjoyed following (or ‘leading’) ‘dadima’s words of wisdom love campaign’ on facebook and instagram. A huge thank you to those of you who submitted a post, either to dadima’s page, or directly to Elements Kitchens during our joint competition. Well done to Dina Khilnani as the winner of our Valentine’s competition. Her daughters make the best rotis at such a young age, as can young Shanaya – 3 young masterchefs in the making (see their posts on dadima’s pages)!

On 23rd January, I posted a blog called ‘dadima’s on love’ and presented a short video to share the aim of this Valentine’s-inspired campaign. I asked you all to join me in my toast to love in all its forms, not just between couples. I have loved reading your messages, and feel so grateful that you’ve taken time to share them with me. I’m even happier if it meant an extra conversation with the special elders in your life!

What really struck me was the range of love-wisdom quotes sent in – from a love for family members, to a zeal for life, to a love for food in some form. During my book events and cookery demos, I’ve really enjoyed talking to children and young people, so it’s been wonderful to have children on my page sharing their culinary skills and short videos – a big call-out to all children who feature on my page!

For me personally, it’s a real shame that Valentine’s Day has become so commercialised and confined to romantic love, that it’s even been banned in certain countries for such association! I think Valentine’s Day can place a lot of pressure on people to buy material goods, when sometimes the simplest (and cheapest) gestures make the biggest impression – for example, a little effort into a special home-cooked meal.

I’ll conclude this short blog by saying thank you for your love throughout my first campaign, and for your support since I started dadima’s journey. Nothing delights me more than seeing the wisdom of others on dadima’s facebook and instagram pages – please work ‘with’ me to develop the brand and spread the love & wisdom. I’ll share the theme of my (or rather ‘our’) next campaign very soon, and hope that you’ll continue to send in stories and words of wisdom, so that the legacies of your loved ones can be captured and appreciated for a long time to come. Happy Valentine’s Day whatever you’re doing.


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