mother of all daals: dadima’s mah di daal

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Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve been keeping well since I last wrote (feels like a long time ago!) So much has been happening since the release of dadima’s book, which was only in November. Those of you who have been following my instagram and facebook pages will know that I’ve been writing mini blogs on posts to keep you in the loop and share the dadima’s journey. Since the book release, a lot of people have been asking me about my plans for dadima’s brand, and the next steps for 2017. This year, I’ll be promoting dadima’s book and exploring new avenues to ‘connect generations’- so a lot of work to be done behind the scenes. As a reminder, the reason I left a career job, was to combine my love for languages and writing, with a concept I believe in – to celebrate the wisdom of our elders, and to connect generations through this process, so that knowledge is not lost. This brand concept underpins the entire dadima’s book. Those of you who have read the book, will know that I give just as much importance to each dadima’s life story, as I do to her recipes. So today I want to share a recipe and story from the book – one which is really special to me. It has to be my favourite daal of all time – the absolute mother of all daals! I have warm memories of watching my dadima prepare this daal with so much love for her family, and it’s her speciality dish, cooked for every family gathering. This recipe is taken directly from pp.45-47 of dadima’s book. For more heartwarming recipes, purchase my book on Amazon via the link here.

My dadima and I therapeutically garnishing mah di daal together during the book photoshoot at Elements Kitchens. She was telling me not to overdo it with the coriander!

Which dish of your grandmother (or special elder) warms your heart? I would really love to know.





My beautiful dadima was so shy during her book photoshoot. To help her smile and relax for this photo, I stood behind my photographer, and asked her to imagine that she was just about to serve this daal, which she had poured all her love into, to her 6 children. She smiled instantly.   




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