Time for a thank you again

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Hi everyone, I hope that life is good. I know it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, but workload and life has taken over. Those of you who have been following and supporting me on dadima’s facebook page, will have noticed that I’ve been writing more extended posts to compensate. With my deadline round the corner now, I’ve been spread thinly as a one woman band- coordinating photoshoots, lots of cooking, writing, and trying to sneak in some quality time with family. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the scenes this week.


I’ve just finished a hectic week of back-to-back exciting photoshoots, where I’ve been co-ordinating people, cooking dadima’s dishes, crockery selection, food styling, and lots of cleaning – these roles have all merged into my job description. As a new starter, I can’t afford to recruit staff yet, so I’ve embraced and developed the skills I have, and just worked extra long hours to compensate. This journey has included some key family and friends, and I am very grateful to those who have stepped up for me this week. My mum has used her precious annual leave to support me, just as my sister has juggled her final year medical studies to help. My dad has been helping with the practical side and heavy lifting, whilst juggling his own business. A couple of generous neighbours came to the rescue when I’d forgotten odd ingredients, and that’s part of the richness of our local community. One of my neighbours even delivered this hand-stitched dadima’s apron on Sunday morning (see opening photo). I was really taken back when I opened her package, and know how much love she’s stitched into it – she’s a very special neighbour! Thanks to those friends who have taken time to send me motivating words of encouragement – you know who you are. My family have been my back-bone since starting up alone, and this week they’ve offered practical support in any direction needed. Thank you all – every bit of help has not has not gone unnoticed.

Thank you to the two talented dadimas who have worked closely with me for their photoshoots this week – there’s been lots of laughter and smiles for the camera, along with some storytelling and reminiscing of old times! Thanks also to my dadima, the inspiration behind the dadima’s brand, for simply being around and smiling approvingly when she tasted my cooking. As you know, I’ve been cooking each and every one of the dishes that I’ve learnt from the dadimas – adding in personal tweaks for the book. Hearty Indian food, dadima’s style, has been on the menu in our house every day this week!  It’s been reassuring to have my dadima present to do the food tasting, advise and support me as needed. If dadima approves, then I know it tastes good! She is quality assurance at its best! Thanks to my amazing photographer, Tim, for working patiently with so many strong-minded women who all have an opinion – he survived the week and left us smiling.

This week’s been an emotional and physical test, passed only with teamwork and encouragement from loved ones. I am thankful to those who have sprinkled their magic dust over challenging moments. I’ve been over-ambitious (which isn’t unusual for me) with the amount of work I could get done in a certain time. As a result, I’ve had to push back my deadline a little in order to be realistic and meet the October launch. Anyway, I’m now geeing myself up for an intense week of write-ups and editing – I’ll be indulging in the left-over pieces of almond and pistachio barfi during my tea breaks, but all in the name of dadima’s of course! That makes everything okay.

Wishing you all a great weekend, and thank you once again for following dadima’s journey, commenting & liking my posts. In and amongst well-established businesses, writers and chefs, I’m an ordinary girl with a big passion for my dadima’s cooking techniques. I appreciate grandmothers’ wise life stories and family values, and most importantly, eating food the dadima’s way – all in moderation of course!






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