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Hello everyone- the theme of my 14th blog is gratitude. Some of you may have read the book, The Secret. It was my dear friend Han, a brotherly figure in my life, who introduced me to the book and its underlying principles of gratitude, when I lived and studied in Madrid. Han is someone who embodies ‘the secret’ and is inspirational in his achievements- I am thankful I took his advice and read it. Gratitude is something that my parents and grandparents have always pushed and practiced as a life value. Right now, it feels important to pause, reflect, and express my gratitude to everyone who has supported the dadima’s journey so far.

gratitude journal

Firstly, I must thank all the dadimas (grandmothers) who have spent time with me over the last 8 months. Only a sample will feature in the book, but I have interviewed many as part of the book development, and my own learning about their wisdom and culinary skills. They have all been extremely kind and generous with their time, and shared amazing life and food stories with me. I feel hugely privileged to have learnt from them. This book will be more than just a cookbook, because they have shared with me not just their recipes, but also precious life stories and experiences. Alongside these dadimas, I have also met incredible grandfathers, and seen first-hand, some beautiful displays of their love and support (obviously, they get to eat the great food, so gratitude all the way!) Some of the grandfathers helped out during my interviews, being thoughtful enough to make us cups of teas and snacks (the dadimas said it was all a show to impress, but I don’t believe that for a moment). My special dadaji (grandfather) has been wonderful, sharing my posts on Facebook with his adorably supportive comments.  Of course he’s biased, but he’s a man who is very honest if he doesn’t approve. So a big thank you to all the dadimas who have helped me so far – the success of the dadima’s brand is only possible with your support.

Gratitude Anni post

I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without the support and love of my parents and sister. We all have strong characters, and clash often, but I can never take our bond for granted. Amongst their own chaotic lives, they have been my rocks during the darker days of frustration and tears. My stunning sister, Tara, is as cool and composed as a cucumber, and highly logical (it’s a good job she’s a Medic). I’m grateful for her honesty, OCD organisation, and sisterly intuition- she has been completely hands-on with helping me and not thought twice about the time. My beautiful mum is the epitome of kindness, and I am stunned with awe every day at her unconditional love. She’s a busy academic who works long hours, but always finds a way of making time for me. Not only is she an incredible cook (which, of course, helps), but she also has an uncanny ability to read my mood (you may relate!) Dad, he is my hero, and a man amongst men in my eyes- it’s impossible to compare! I cannot begin to articulate my gratitude to him. He has always encouraged me to work hard at a young age, take calculated risks, break the rules, enjoy life and follow my dreams. He is unconventional, forward-thinking and unbelievably cool. Thank you, family, for being you!

Thank you to my extended family (particularly my aunts (pooahs and massis), close friends and friends of friends, who have  taken the time to ‘like’ and comment on the dadima’s business page and blogs. I now know some of you as regulars, and your constant support has been so encouraging for me. I love the gym, and my friends there have offered light conversation and friendly chit-chat when I’ve had to let off steam, or make much needed time for my own well-being.

thank you

I am where I am with everyone’s encouragement, support, and love (and also lack of support, as that has driven me too). Going self-employed is a lonely journey, far lonelier than I thought. Not everyone appreciates the psychological and time investment that you have to make, which often means little socialising. I’d like to thank my friends for being understanding.

I’m not sure where this road will end up, but l’ll give it all I’ve got. As the song goes, ….Que será será, whatever will be, will be… I always remember kindness and genuine love, so thank you to those who have given me hope, encouragement, a few kind words, a ‘like’, a phone call, message or a hug- you know who you are and I’m sending positive vibes back your way. This adventure is being made by me, but it’s really beginning to feel like a family, as some of you have joined the journey, and shared the vision of dadima’s – connecting generations through food. Friends and family-  stay with me, and help me build the dadima’s brand during its infancy- it was born through an appreciation of dadimas all around the world, and ways in which they ‘connect generations’. Dadimas zindabad! (long live our grandmothers!).

Finally, in line with The Secret, I’d like to thank the Universe, which in its own mysterious way, is guiding me along the dadima’s journey. Thank you!  I am looking forward to some time out this week in Cornwall. Hopefully, some time with nature will leave me feeling recharged and ready to go again.Will tell you all about it in my next blog. Thank you for reading! Wishing you a fantastic end to the week and that all things good come your way.

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