Wisdom from the pro chefs

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As you may have seen on dadima’s Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages, the team had quite a jolly this weekend, in the beautiful surroundings of Henley. We attended the first ever combined, Henley Food & Literary Festival. With dadima’s cookery book due out later this year, I’ve been busy planning activities, and meeting exciting people. Whilst I can’t relate to being a celebrity chef or restaurateur (other than dining in their restaurants, or watching them on TV), seeing the cookery books of professional chefs in print, and listening to their foodie talks, really inspired me. I left the festival feeling excited (and a little daunted) about publishing my first book as a twenty-something year-old.

I have immense respect for these chefs – not only for their work, but also their down-to-earth and accessible manner. I was pleasantly surprised at how open they were to engaging in small chit-chat. The best start to Saturday morning was listening to John Torode, speak about everyday cooking at home, and reveal behind the scenes insights to my favourite cookery series – Masterchef! We found it refreshing to hear Cyrus Todiwala speak about ‘authentic’ North Indian dishes, as opposed to typical  ‘curries’. We really enjoyed listening to his expertise about spices and condiments, and how they should be used in Indian cuisine. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout Lisa Faulkner’s demo, as she shared her baking stories, and then invited the audience to try a slice of her delicious orange & almond cake. It was difficult to resist such a tempting offer!

In between the inspirational talks, and a hot-dog & coffee, the dadima’s team got chatting to other foodies. We were touched by a lovely resident of Henley, who we met several times throughout the day. She went out of her way to spread the word about dadima’s cookery book, and was encouraging people to keep a look out! That’s the kind of exposure and support our new brand needs. I thanked her, and explained that I am not a chef, but instead, an ordinary girl who has always appreciated home-cooking, and is developing a brand around ‘connecting generations’ – dadima’s tag line. She smiled with ‘that’s refreshing to hear’.

I’m now looking forward to attending the BBC Good Food Festival, coming up in a few weeks. I wonder how I’ll be further inspired there?


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