What’s the story behind dadima’s logo?

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As you will have noticed, dadima’s now has a logo- hooray! Big thanks to our amazing designer, the honest feedback of friends, family and the people we met through market research. Having worked in marketing before, I was in no doubt that everybody would have an opinion.  After a painstaking number of stages, the logo looks nothing like my original idea. Here’s the brief story behind the logo – I’m pre-empting any questions!

During the early stages, we experimented with the following: hands (I had my heart set on using my dadima’s hands); an image of an older person and a younger person; trees and leaves (grandmother willow style) and foodie images. However, each of these ideas raised ambiguity and some confusion.  Achieving the detail of mature hands is really tricky without using photography, and it looked odd as a small logo. The symbol of the older and younger person was puzzling. The tree had a lovely meaning to it (young leaf born from old roots) but it just wasn’t obvious enough and too closely aligned to nature conservation projects.

A good friend and businessman reminded me to detach myself from the brand in order to be more critical, and my father encouraged me to conduct ‘old school’ market research, and get talking. To cut a long story short, the conclusion was to stick with the word dadima’s without a visual image. The tagline was easy- dadima’s is all about ‘connecting generations’. The main elephant in the room is that dadima’s a foreign word to many, but so are many famous logos! I was adamant that I wanted to steer away from stereotypically Indian colour combos and visuals- i.e.: pink/orange/gold/red/henna patterns/ colonialist elephant trunk up! Whilst dadima’s is a Hindi word, dadima’s brand values are very much grounded in raising the profile of grandparents across the world. Dadima’s extends beyond food – the brand is about wisdom, connecting generations and having fun as you connect through food. Our designer suggested a simple, yet ingenious idea- illustrate ‘connecting generations’ through alternate letters in blue. At first, we just put the two d’s in blue, but people said this made them focus on the word dad. Dadima’s is about grandparents, both male and female, so I was keen to change this perception. So we also put the ‘m’ in blue to bring a focus on ‘ma’ (mum) as well as ‘dad’. Even then, something didn’t look quite right in the logo.  In the name of balance and harmony, we needed the apostrophe in blue so that every alternate character is blue. Now that’s connection.

Dadimas logo - Main

Here’s a preview of the logo version for future products:

Dadimas logo - roundal

Even when you’ve gone through a journey, I’ve learnt that you can’t please everybody. What I’ve done above, is make transparent why I’ve made the choices I have. Thanks to those who have contributed to the development of the logo. Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


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