New journeys: leap of faith

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I’m Anni and this is my first ever blog. I have recently taken a ‘leap of faith’ in my life and would like to document the narrative so far. I graduated in Spanish and English two years ago and have since completed a Graduate Management Scheme at a leading fresh produce company. When I graduated, the job market was highly competitive. Having seen an exciting opportunity online, I embarked  on a long and gruelling interview process. I accepted a graduate position in fresh produce, throwing myself head-first, out of my comfort zone into an industry unfamiliar to my academic background. I moved two hours North-East of my family home near Greater London, and relocated alone to Cambridgeshire shortly after graduation. Having already lived away from my close-knit family during my year in Madrid, I anticipated the loss of my sturdy comfort blanket; the magical warmth of the extended family (and of course, the accompanying home-cooked Indian meals lovingly prepared by my mother and Dadima-grandmother). I embraced this new adventure with every ounce of positive thinking I could draw on (I guarantee more on this dimension in my future blogs). The teething issues of living alone in Cambridgeshire was no ‘walk in the fens’.
I quickly learnt that being a straight-A student with a year of university in Madrid and a First Class Honours served as a mere token into the world of work, past which point, delivery, performance and relationships were everything. My time with this company has been incredible. I have been nurtured and welcomed into a family-like environment, mentored through mentally and physically challenging placements, ranging from events management to leading factory production lines. Most importantly, I have started to build a life here. Having been offered a highly-attractive permanent role in Marketing, I decided to opt out. I was very tempted by this opportunity which dangled tangibly before me- the appeal of security and familiarity in a company that I adored. My gut instinct warned otherwise of complacency and settlement for the ‘now’.
Right or wrong, I followed my gut! Excuse the cheesy ‘heard it all before’ phrase- I have always wanted to ‘start up my own business’.This seed was sown during early childhood when risk-taking was introduced to me within a real-life context. My Dadima would share the inspiring migration narratives of my Dadaji (grandfather) which inspired me with lessons on the importance of hardship, sacrifice and hard work. Growing up, it was evident that my father embodied the philosophy of hard work and ‘grafting whilst you’re young and have the energy’ (more to come on this in future blogs).
I handed in my notice a month ago today, and have just left the company. I’m twenty-three years old and if there ever is a ‘right time’, now is my time to trip up and fall; to make mistakes and learn from them in the interest of crafting mere perusals and ideas into action. As people came to learn of my decision, I was  greeted with scepticism, curiosity and excitement. How and what will materialise from my decision, I don’t quite know. Over the next few months, I will post weekly and share those past experiences of the last two years, which have equipped me with a humble share of skills and have been instrumental to my current decision and future. It will be a mesh of the intrinsically linked past, present and future.

For now, I want to put myself on your radar. I invite you to join me in this journey by following my blogs- let’s see where this leap of faith takes me…


  1. Dearest Anni

    Thank you for sharing your journey into pastures new. It is a brave decision to give up your job. It’s taken courage. I agree its a good time to risk take when your are young. You are analytical and will have assessed your options with care. I look forward to hearing more about your ventures. I’m sending love and energy to you x
    Auntie Manjit

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