Welcome to my page. I’m Anneeka. I’m 25, a huge lover of nature, home-cooking (mostly Indian food), my nearest and dearest, travelling, languages and fitness. I started this blog as a way of sharing my cookbook journey – the highs and the lows! Now, I blog about food stories and life wisdom I’ve learnt from special people. Growing up, I’ve always been very close to my grandparents (particularly my grandmother) and family – they taught me a lot about my North-Indian roots through the Punjabi culture, language and home-cooking. In my blogs, I celebrate wisdom. That’s because, in my life, connecting with different generations is how I’ve learnt about my heritage, life in general, and building special bonds – the valuable education we don’t find in textbooks!  And this is how the name of my new brand, dadima’s, came about. Although dadima’s literally means grandmother’s – the brand represents sharing wisdom and connecting generations. This is a universal concept and I hope you’ll share my journey in developing it.

Dadima's Santosh 58
Here’s a photo of my dadima and I from my book – she always shares stories whilst cooking! Photo by Tim Green

You’ll find that any recipes I share, are rooted in a food story, and each recipe has been passed down to me. I believe that the stories behind delicious home-cooking are what bring it to life. Do you agree? I plan on sharing more recipes on here, so if you like home-cooked, quality, Indian food, watch this space.

I hope you enjoy reading. Please feel free to get in touch with your thoughts on any of the blogs. I’m always looking to share more wisdom on this page, so if you are passionate about connecting with your elders, would like to share your life wisdom, or a special recipe, I would love to hear from you and hopefully share your wisdom.

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